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Non-Surgical Liposuction

You've seen the ads for non surgical liposuction on TV and reports on the evening news shows. The ads promise safe, effective removal of unwanted fat. They show before and after photos of double chins, love handles and cellulite that have magically disappeared.

But, what products and procedures really work for  non surgical liposuction?


Total Curve Breast Enhancement Pills

Total Curve is a  3-Step Breast Enhancement program. It is a non surgical breast enhancement process for women that uses:

A supplement of safe phytoestrogens
An exercise program
A lifting and firming gel with Volufiline

Let's go over each step, as they are all important to the program.

Just think, no more padded bras, no more pumps that have to be worn for months at a time and no expensive surgery. Now you have Mother Nature working on your behalf for big, beautiful breasts.


The Microcurrent Facelift

The Microcurrent facelift method is not as harsh as other cosmetic procedures and it can greatly improve the skin and its appearance. The procedure consists of using electrical stimulation technology on the skin to kick start the body's collagen levels and give them a boost.

The Microcurrent facelift has fewer side effects than a normal face lift and has been proven to a safe and highly effective procedure in obtaining youthful and healthier skin and it's appearance. It can improve the sagging of one's jowls; the eyebrow area and can minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

The Thread Face Lift Procedure

Current cosmetic surgery technology has improved, and continues to do so in that most procedures and their intensive invasive surgery are quickly becoming a thing of the past. At the top of these new and innovative procedures is a technique known as a Thread Face Lift. Threads that have barbs on them are used to tighten the elasticity in your face.

This procedure, which  experiments with sutures or threads that have barbs on them, and how well they correct the skins laxity has been going on since the mid-nineteen nineties. The threads were developed by Dr. Marlen Sulamanedze. The procedure consists of placing the barbed like threads with tension, under one's skin This in turn lifts the skin and pulls it taunt. This procedure has been found to deliver results just as good as that of a normal face lift procedure, and sometimes the results are even better. Of course, the results do depend on the patient's skin elasticity and how well the skill of the surgeon performing the procedure.


Wrap or Tape Face Lifts

A wrap or tape facelift is much different from using face-lift tape. And there are absolutely no incisions required in this non surgical face lift method. It is painless, and does not require surgery, needles or stitches.

The cost of a tape lift is not prohibitively expensive either. Spas generally charge $100 per “tape lift” or “wrap lift” session, with many clients opting for between three to five sessions.


How to Use Non Surgical Face Lift Tape

Non surgical face lift tape has been a tried and true companion of people who are actors and actresses and is a remedy to aging that has found great success. Looking young in the entertainment business is a must. Face lift tape has been around for years. It has also found its way into countless households and has let everyday women become users themselves.

The Laser Face-Lift

The Laser face-lift is another non-surgical face-lift procedure. The laser face-lift procedure uses the latest technology to alter or enhance your facial appearance. It alters the surface of the top layers of skin to minimize the appearance fine facial lines and wrinkles. You can choose to target certain areas of the face or, if needed, it can be used on the entire face.


Forehead Wrinkle Treatments with Collagen

Like Botox, Collagen injections are also viable treatments for forehead wrinkles.

As time passes, the skin becomes incapable of producing enough collagen to fight wrinkles. Through injecting collagen just below the skin’s surface, forehead wrinkles will be puffed up, thus significantly reducing heavy and fine lines that are noticeable on one’s forehead.


Thermage® is probably the most well known non-surgical facelift and body enhancer option used by plastic surgeons.

But did you know that Thermage® also reduces cellulite?


Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are not all alike, but each works toward to the same thing – removing damage on the outer layer of one’s skin. Three main types of peels are described by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons: alphahydroxy acid (AHA) peels (least abrasive), trichloroacetic acid  (TCA) peels (for medium peels), and phenol peels (most aggressive).


Non Surgical Rhinoplasty or the 15 Minute Nose Job

What if I told you that you could have non-surgical rhinoplasty, (a nose job) in 15  minutes. That's right, minor imperfections can be corrected quickly. If your nose is bumpy or tilts to one side, you may want to find out more about this non surgical method.

Non-Surgical Overview

Medical discoveries have lead to an amazing increase in non-surgical face lift methods.

All types of body enhancements breakthroughs have been made; eye lifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast augmentation – lifts, reduction and enlargement have been discovered, usually as a by-product of more serious research.

Reducing surgery or at least using methods that are not as invasive, means that you have a shortened recovery time and more importantly, have to endure less pain. While all women know that beauty is painful, we are happy that new techologies reduce recovery time and pain.

Not Everything Works the Same on Everyone

Some people swear by acupuncture, while others see no difference. For some it's Restylane vs. Juvederm fillers and both of these vs. Botox. Everyone has a personal preference and after comparison, a knowledge of what works best for them.

Not Everyone Has the Same Routine

For some people a non-surgical facelift is a once a year item. For others, it's a constant routine of injections and peels. A skin care routine, especially one that incorporates anti-aging methods, such as the ones described here are intensely personal.

Non-Surgical Face-Lift Methods:

So if you decide to get a non-surgical face-lift, try to start before the visible signs of aging take too much of a toll on your face. The following methods can be used for “face lifting” early enough in your life so that you can avoid or put off the surgical methods:
  • Acupuncture face lift
  • Botox injections
  • Chemical peels
  • Collagen injections
  • Dermabrasion
  • Face lifting tape
  • Laser face lift
  • Microcurrent
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Thread face lift
  • Thermage skin tightening
  • Thread face lift
  • Titan skin tightening
  • Wrinkle creams and powders